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Answered By Library Staff
Last Updated: Nov 11, 2020     Views: 6

It might sound funny, but the easiest way for this might be that you Google what you're looking for in a magazine online! For example, you can limit in Google's Advanced search to a magazine domain and then search for your topic. Google the address for the website of one of the magazines your instructor suggested and plug it into the search like you see in this FAQ.

You can even limit in Google to specific dates by clicking the option under the search bar (after doing an initial search) for "Any date" > Custom Range and limiting to your timeframe needed.

Google's search engine even allows for phrase searching so you might not even need an advanced search! This would be the easiest route. For example, in your search string, you might try "Death with dignity" in quotation marks alongside the title of the magazine you want an article from, like this: 

search string

While we do hold those magazine titles and more in some of our library databases, it can be complicated to search for a topic AND narrow down the specific magazine you want the article to come from, but it is possible. The magazine may show up in more than one database and the coverage dates might differ depending on the database. Sometimes the database holds archival dates or only carries more current articles for the magazine. What's more, if you're needing recently-published articles they might not even be indexed yet and therefore won't show up in our databases! You can find which databases we hold a magazine/journal/newspaper by going to our title finder here (search under "Journal" for all serial types. 

That link is listed on the very top of this database A-Z list. Once you find the magazine and a database it is held in, you can sometimes search within those holdings for your topic. 

Here is a GIF showing how to use the Journal Title Finder and search within a specific title once you select a database the title is held in: 

search within demo


Also note that if you run into a paywall in your Google searching, try copying and pasting the title into a Discovery catalog search to see if we have the article in one of our databases.Once you have a title, the Discovery catalog can be quite helpful. Maybe use quotation marks around the title too to search for it as a phrase. The Discovery catalog searches through a lot of our databases all at once, but can't limit to a specific magazine easily. But you might also try a search string like "new yorker" (or whatever magazine) AND "death with dignity" (or your topic) in our catalog.

You can learn more about searching the Discovery catalog here.