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Last Updated: Apr 20, 2023     Views: 18

Yes, TCC Library does have content from The Atlantic in some of our databases, discoverable in the Discovery Catalog. To learn the various ways to see if our library has a periodical (magazine, journal, or newspaper), see this FAQ.

In the first link above, you will need to select a result. Database coverage changes often, but as of April 2023, we have full-text access to articles (versus just the indexing/metadata about the articles that some databases offer) in 10 different databases in the first result, and 2 places in the third result: 

results with coverage dates

But full-text access does not mean it grants access to every article published in that periodical. Sometimes, databases only have specific coverage dates, so pay attention to those if needing to find an article in a specific time period (see above). 

If you already know the title of the article, you might try just searching for it in the Discovery catalog (example search): 

atlantic article result in catalog

Keep in mind that many databases have embargoed content from a publisher. That means, they may not have access to the latest publication because the publisher wants users to subscribe directly. Or, it simply takes time to make works discoverable in databases (indexing, etc.). So, it may be important to see if material is available online for free. See this FAQ on how to find such content online if the Catalog and databases aren't helping you find recent materials. If you run into paywalls, you can place an interlibrary loan request for the material.