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There's a few routes you can take, depending on where you are at in the research process:

>>> If you already know the title of the newspaper article you're trying to find, see this FAQ

>>> If you need to learn the title of a recommended newspaper so that you can start your search for articles from that publication, Wikipedia also has a good list of newspapers in the United States and this FAQ might help in discovering newspaper titles. We also recommend the New York Times, which students and employees have access to.  

>>> If you need to find newspaper articles from many newspapers (perhaps about your topic, to see the type of coverage there is, and you don't necessarily care what newspaper the article is from so long as it is a newspaper), we recommend using our A-Z list of databases limited to "News & Newspapers," which will show you a list of databases which offer news content.

>>> If you need a newspaper article over your specific topic after you have already chosen the newspaper you want the material to come from, see this FAQ.