Answered By Library Staff
Last Updated: Nov 20, 2023     Views: 133

Once you identify an article you're interested in, there are several ways to make sure you can find it later. This will also work for any source type--ebook, video, etc. The exact procedure will differ depending on which database you're using, but generally you can:

1) Email the article to yourself. Look for an envelope icon (or similar icon) on the article record page, click, and enter your own e-mail address. The database will then send you a permanent link to the article and/or an email with the article citation and the article attached as a PDF.

2) Save the article's citation. Look for an icon or link that says "cite," "permalink," "persistent link," or something similar.  Copy & paste the citation information, which should include the article's author, the journal it was published in, the date it was published, etc. This information will help you locate the article again in the future.

3) Download or print the article. Again, specific icons will differ, but you should have the capability to download or print an article from any library database. You can save a PDF of the article to a flashdrive, email a PDF to yourself as an attachment, or simply print the article out to review later!

4) Some of the databases allow you to create folders in which you can save articles (and sometimes even an entire search session).  Look for a link to "Log In," or a folder icon or something similar.  Please note that some databases may allow you to put articles in a temporary folder (that will last only during that search session), and you must be actually signed into your folder or storage area in order for articles to be accessible after logging out and logging back in again.