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Answered By Library Staff
Last Updated: Jul 30, 2020     Views: 29

Various article databases have the feature to establish an online folder within the database to save articles that you found in your research.  Some databases refer to it as "Save to My Research" also known as a folder.

To establish a folder to save your research in, you need to be on a search page within the databases.  On the top ribbon, look for links such as Sign In or Folder.

Try the following steps:

  • Click on Sign In and fill in information to create a new account. 
  • Once you have established a user name and a password, use that information to sign in. 
  • Return to your search entry, and look for the folder icon - in Academic Search Premier it is a blue folder with a plus sign- that opens up showing a folder icon. 
  • Click on the folder and the search entry will be automatically added to the folder.  To remove an item from the folder return to the search entry and look for the icon of a folder with a plus sign.  That removes research items from the folder.

Other databases follow similar procedures.  You could use the same username and password but you first need to set up an account.

Please note that in some databases, you can save articles only in a single session (most of the time, this doesn't require you to log into anything within the database interface).