Answered By Library Staff
Last Updated: Nov 08, 2023     Views: 11

Sometimes, books or items in a series are not coming from the same library system, so they may come out of order. Sometimes, a library does not own all of the series or part of the series they do own is currently checked out by one of their library users or even missing. Thus, your ILL request will go to the next library in the request chain we generated for you to see if they respond. Sometimes, a library that will respond to one book will be closer than another library or use a different mail courier (USPS, FedEx, etc.). and, thus, their books may arrive quicker than another library's. 

When selecting libraries which hold an item, TCC prioritizes the following: 1) will they lend it to us for free or will they charge us to send it? 2) how many days does the library advertise they take to respond (we look for a quick response rate)? and 3) how far away is the supplying library (they must be in the United States). 

If you get a copy out of order, please feel free to attempt a renewal request for the latter items, in order to have more time to read them sequentially. Keep in mind, the TCC Library does not control the due dates/how much time a supplying library grants with. You can also wait to pick up the items until the first in the series arrives, however please note that if material becomes due while on the hold shelf, it will be sent back, so check the due dates in the emails or in your library account request history.