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Here is a video showing how you can discover Internet Archive (or IA) ebooks through the TCC Library and read them in your browser or download for offline use. The following sections might be relevant to you as well: Intro: 0:00 | Searching Discovery Catalog for eBooks: 0:41 | Internet Archive ebook example: 5:03 | 

For a matched list of ebook versions the TCC Library holds in print, please see this list the Internet Archive has put together for us. 

The Internet Archive and it's Open Library are a free, online library open to the public. The TCC Library does not control the items found on their platform and that is why you have to create a separate account to borrow or download their materials if results come up in the catalog. 

Many of the ebooks in the Open Library from the Internet Archive (IA) are available to read in your browser, meaning they do not have to be downloaded unless you choose to do so. Depending on the item, the borrowing time may differ. Please see the links below for more information from the Open Library about checking out items.