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Sorry about that! You can always go by the due date listed on the "book strap." The checkout date in the circulation system should match what is on the book strap. Lost the strap? You can reach out to the ILL librarian using the contact info below. 

The due date on the strap is the time allotted by the supplying library, and our library user will not get overdue notices until after that date.

Because interlibrary loan is managed through two different systems, they sometimes do not sync very well. The ILL system might give a specific date but if the circulation system has accounted for the weekend, holiday, or other closure, it may automatically round up. TCC Library employees should be checking that the strap and system are matching at the time of checkout or, if the due date does fall on a weekend or other time the library will be closed, letting you know that is why they do not match or cannot match the book strap due date but extending it as far as possible. Please note that all ILL materials must be returned in person during operating hours, regardless of what day of the week the book strap due date says. Please check our location hours here. The inner portion of the strap also requests you return it before the due date, but if you need to renew, please see how to using the links below. 

You can contact the interlibrary librarian to have this issue corrected: 


Phone: 918.595.7568

TCC library employees should refer to the WMS procedures manual's "ILL" tab for more context. Any CTL can give you the private guide link if you do not have it or know where to access. Library employees should extend the due date in the circulation system to match the strap so that all notifications and other messaging coming from the Access Services Office match what the library user is being told. Other ILL messaging states the ILL item must be returned in-person during operating hours, regardless of the book strap due date. The circulation system might also attempt to override any due dates longer than our own circulation policies and reset to TCC Library item defaults, beyond weekend and holidays set in the circulation calendar. These defaults must also be ignored if the supplying library has granted more time with the ILL item than we typically allow with our own items.