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If searching for ebooks, the Discovery catalog on the TCC Library homepage is a great place to search (the main search bar). After typing your search terms and selecting "search," limit on the left side to "ebook" to filter our irrelevant results. 

Select a title or a blue "View ebook" button to be taken to access options. Often times, there is a "search within" type of feature or a search bar to search for key terms within the ebook. You'll be shown a list of pages/results where that word appears in the book. So, you can quickly scan a book without having to read the whole thing. 

Because our ebooks come from various databases, it might look slightly different but here is an example with an Ebsco ebook: 

selection options from catalog

If you select the title of the result, you will be taken to an expanded view of the result. Select "View ebook" to be taken to the database which holds that book: 

select "view ebook"

In some cases, you will have many options for what format you want to read the ebook in: 

format options

Sometimes there is a search bar, sometimes different wording -- it all depends on the place the ebook is coming from. 

search within option

Type in your word: 

search within results

You might want to play around with pluralizations, various spellings, synonyms, shortenings of words, and so on. Some search features within ebooks will not search for phrases or can only pull good results using a single word. It's important to try various searches before giving up!