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Answered By Library Staff
Last Updated: Jul 02, 2020     Views: 4

Good researchers don't want to waste time or take home a heavy book they won't end up using. If you've found something in the Discovery Catalog that you might want us to pull for you but aren't sure if it's worth your time, it is good to check the table of contents (TOC). Sometimes the contents are listed out in the record here, under "Description": 

catalog description option 

However, there sometimes is no description for a book or the sections lack page numbers. Or, maybe you just want to verify that the record is correct. 

Often times, a Google search using the ISBN can get you to the specific Amazon book or publisher results. On Amazon, using the "Look inside" feature (if the book allows for this feature) will give you a preview: 

Amazon screenshot

Once there, you can view the chapter and section titles. This can give you insight as to whether the book will work for you. This might also give you page numbers to request, if the section you need is more than one chapter. 

TOC preview

If you cannot find a preview on Amazon, you might try Google Books (sometimes under the "More" option): 

Google books option

Some books may or may not have Google previews. But here is an example of what the preview feature looks like when it does:


Google Books and Amazon previews often have page numbers if the book is older and scanned in, versus if they can show a preview of the ebook edition first.