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Answered By Library Staff
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  • Devices are considered to be BYOD. It will be assumed that students have basic computer literacy skills.  

  • Library staff will provide information about how to print, connect to Wi-Fi, and perhaps other tasks if appropriate. 

  • Call2000 will refer Students who ask questions about the laptops to the Metro Campus Library at 918-595-7172. 

  • Students will be able to print via mobile printing in Uniflow.   

  • Students will be able to connect to Wi-Fi on and off campus.  

  • Students will be responsible for their own data.  IT will not restore lost data. 

  • Students will be in responsible for their own internet access. The Library offers a Hotspot @ Home loan program and can also provide information about programs that offer free or low-cost internet. 

  • The Library will keep extra accessories, such as power cords, on hand. Students will be responsible for missing components and will be charged the appropriate fee. 

  • If a student returns a laptop during the semester due to malfunction, IT will determine if it is a hardware or software problem.  

  • If hardware, the student will return the laptop and get another. Once malfunctioning laptop is returned, IT will ascertain if it can be repaired under warranty, unless it is due to damage, which would void warranty. Students are responsible for damages to laptops. 

  • If software, device will be restored to factory image, updates installed, and would go back into the pool or to the original student.