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There are several library databases where you can find articles from peer reviewed journals written by a nurse.  From our library's homepage,
1.Click on Articles & Databases.
2. Select Nursing, Allied Health and Health Sciences  in the "by Subjects" drop down menu.

CINAHL and Health Source: Nursing/Academic Edition, two of our EBSCOhost databases, should provide plenty of good results, and you can set limits based on your criteria. (More limiters are available in CINAHL, so it is recommended that you search either CINAHL alone or both together.

To search only one of these, simply select one of them from the list and apply the following limiters:

  1. Enter your publication date parameters (for the last five years, if it is February of 2017, you'll enter February 2012 - February 2017 as your range.
  2. Place a checkmark next to: Peer Reviewed* and First Author is Nurse** 

    *in Health Source, it will say Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals

    **This limiter is not available in Health Source Nursing/Academic Edition; however, when searching both CINAHL and Health Source, you'll have the option to limit to First Author is Nurse as well as Any Author is Nurse. (The second option will bring up more results.)

Enter your topic into the search box and click Search.  Once you have your results, one way to find articles that describe qualitative studies is to add the word qualitative as a search term.  Once you've identified and accessed the one you need, change the word qualitative to quantitative and repeat the search.  Again, that should bring only results that contain articles about quantitative studies. This does not always work; it is possible you'll have to look more closely at the abstract, or even the methodology section of the full text in order to determine whether it meets your requirements.

For more information on research in the field of Nursing, see the Find Articles tab on our Nursing Research Guide.