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Answered By Library Staff
Last Updated: May 21, 2020     Views: 2165

Printing is available when the library is open.

Yes, you can print from your laptop (or from home) using TCC's MobilePrint system. Create a new email message from within your TCC email account. Attach the document you want to print, and send the email to .

Limitations to this method of printing:

  • It is not a quick process and there sometimes might be delays
  • You must wait for a code in an email response to enter into our printer screens
  • Webpages and other web only content cannot be printed from a laptop. (You can try to copy/paste the webpage's content into a Word document or "Print to PDF" to convert a page into a PDF and save)
  • The campus printers are set by default to print a document on 2 sides of the paper and in black and white. Single-sided printing and color are available options, but only when printing from a campus computer because you must change the settings within the print dialog screen. The print dialog screen isn't accessible if using MobilePrint.
  • Remember that the email must be sent from a TCC email address. Requests from personal email addresses will be rejected.

To print a document from your laptop, you need to send your document attachment from your MyTCC email. Follow the instructions below:

1You need to make sure that the document to be printed is an attachment file format (i.e., Word, Excel, PDF, jpg, etc.).  Text written in the body of the email will be not be printed.

2. Send an email (only TCC email is allowed) with an attached file to

3. Check your MyTCC email for a reply with the Job Code to enter on the printer's login screen.  

4.  At the printer, the document can be printed using the Job Code button on the printer's login screen or by logging in with your TCC ID and selecting the print job from the print list.

See the attached file for more detailed instructions with screenshots.