Answered By: James Whitmer
Last Updated: Jul 28, 2020     Views: 36

Regarding note-taking, there is no one best way to do it that works for everyone, so each student should experiment with different strategies and find what works best for them. For example, for some students, they like to use multicolored highlighters, others like to use multicolored pens, and yet others like to focus more on how the notes are visually arranged on the page. Regardless of what methods you use, it's important that during class, you do everything you can to encourage yourself to concentrate (including sitting away from your friend who distracts you). Also know that you don't have to write down everything the professor says; instead, focus on the most important ideas, for which the teacher will usually say things like, "The most important thing to know is..." "The main idea is..." or "To understand this concept, you must..." and so on. One final quick tip is to be aware that sometimes it is helpful to take the notes you originally wrote in class and then rewrite them with colors, highlights, and different organization that is helpful to you when studying.

For more information about note-taking in class, please see the linked handout: