Answered By: James Whitmer
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Please Note: These are only common assumptions and suggestions about writing a narrative essay. The requirements of such assignments often vary, so please follow your instructor's guidelines. 

A narrative essay tells a story about one event or series of events, and it has certain required elements: plot, characters, setting, conflict, description, imagery, and often also dialog. Consequently, as you plan your narrative essay, it is important you choose an event that has all those elements and gives you enough to say to fulfill your assignment. You should also carefully consider any special assignment requirements, such as, does your story have to have a message or teach a lesson? With that in mind, brainstorm various events, then brainstorm what you can say about each one. After carefully choosing which event has the most material to work with and meets assignment requirements, you should plan out its timeline, then for each part of the timeline, consider who was there, what they were doing, what they said, etc. From there, you can start making body paragraphs for your essay to tell your story. However, don't include every single detail of what happened because that can bore the reader; instead, focus the most on whatever elements contribute to the overall message or impression you want the story to convey.

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