Answered By: James Whitmer
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Please Note: These are only common assumptions and suggestions about writing a literary analysis. The requirements of such assignments often vary, so please follow your instructor's guidelines. 

A literary analysis is an essay in which you break a text into its component parts to argue how certain ones contribute to an important theme or message in that text. In other words, every piece of literature that tells a story uses some figures of speech or literary devices to convey its intended meaning, and for a literary analysis, you have to explain how you believe those elements accomplish their objective. That is why it is important to remember a literary analysis is NOT just a summary of what you watched or read, and it is NOT an argument of why you agree or disagree with its message; rather, it is your opinion of what theme or message the text emphasizes, what techniques support it, and how they do so.

As you write your literary analysis, you will make claims about how the author used certain figures of speech and literary devices to support a specific theme or message, provide evidence, and explain why the evidence supports your claims.

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