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There are a few different ways to find out what textbook is needed for your class and how much it will cost to purchase or rent. The TCC Library does not sell textbooks, but many are on reserve. It may be best to attend your first class and find out what the instructor requires, as often they will allow for older editions (usually cheaper to purchase) of a textbook to be used, etc. Please see below. 

⚠️Free Textbooks: Depending on the textbook required for your class, you might have a free or low-cost (if deciding to purchase in print) OER (Open Educational Resource) textbook or one you are expected to purchase (a typical textbook). Often, if it is an OER textbook (such as an OpenStax textbook), your instructor will link to the book in your Blackboard course or syllabus as well. Find other OER textbooks used in TCC courses here. To verify what textbook you need, see your instructor's syllabus (often uploaded to Blackboard) or use the Course Materials Concierge at the bookstore website. See info below.⚠️

To purchase a textbook or learn of its price: 

  1. Go to TCC's Bookstore page on the TCC website and click on the blue "TCC Bookstore" button and select Course Materials Concierge. Please select your campus location at the top of the page before you begin your search (check your Course Section numbers for locations: 1 = Metro; 2 = Northeast; 3 = Southeast; 4 = West).
    • Financial Aid may be used on the bookstore website.
    • All book purchases may be made through the TCC online Bookstore and can either be (as of 2021):
      • Delivered to your residence via UPS –  Please note: processing may take 24 to 48 hours, so allow plenty of time for processing and delivery.
      • Picked up in-person - You will receive an email confirmation when your order is ready.
        1. Many books are available at all campuses, but quantities are limited. Be sure to order your books from the campus hosting your course because of this. Check your Course Section numbers for locations: 1 = Metro; 2 = Northeast; 3 = Southeast; 4 = West.
  2. ​L​​​ og into Blackboard through MyTCC and check your class syllabus. The syllabus will list the required textbooks, usually with the ISBN for the exact edition you need. 
  3. Visit the bookstore on the campus where your class will meet. Materials for all fully online or online-live courses will be available for pick-up from Southeast Campus. When searching for online course materials on the bookstore website, students will select Online as the campus. The confirmation email received after check-out will direct students to Southeast for pick-up if that option is selected. 

⚠️ Library Reserve Textbook Copies: Each campus library has some textbooks on reserve, if the instructor or department has provided a copy. The textbooks can be used only within the library for a 2-hour checkout period. However, different textbooks are used for the same classes taught at the various campuses, so you will have to go to a specific campus where the class is taught. We might also have your textbook in normal circulation that can be checked (and can therefore leave the library with you), depending on availability. Reserve items typically come from the department or instructors themselves, so if we don't have a copy of what you need, you should let your instructor know and see if they have spare copies to make available at the library. Search the Discovery catalog via title or ISBN once you know it and/or contact your campus library to verify the book is available.⚠️