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Answered By Library Staff
Last Updated: Jun 01, 2020     Views: 44

First, in Microsoft Word, you need to remove the page number that you added to the document. Then start over by following the instructions below to number your pages.

To number your pages and add a running head in Microsoft Word, follow these steps:

1. Go to the Cover Page of your document.

2. Choose the Insert menu.

3. Select Page Number, then Top of Page.

4. Choose Plain Number 3 from the list of header options.  The page number will now show up in the header.

5. Place your cursor right in front of the page number in your header and type the abbreviated title of your paper in ALL CAPS just in front of the page number.

6. Press the tab key twice to move the abbreviated title to the left. The page number will remain at the right.

7. While still keeping your cursor in the header area, click the Design menu tab.

Note: this may already be selected.

8. Check the box for Different First Page.  You will now see a blank header on your cover page. This allows you to have a different header on your cover page than you will have on the rest of your paper.



Do you have other general writing questions or questions about preparing your paper in its final form? 

TCC has Writing Centers at each campus where writing consultations are available. See more information about Writing Center services and the latest location/hours information at here at this link.