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Select the campus on this page (defaults to Metro) and scroll down to find a map and addresses for each campus. 


Metro Campus rooms consist of two parts: letters and numbers. The letters tell you the building (MC- main building, where the library is located, MP- Metro Phillips, building with the student union, bookstore). The numbers tell you the floor (the first number is the floor number. Ex- MC 600 is in the main building on the sixth floor).


Southeast Campus rooms are listed with building number first, then floor level, then room number. For example, the Wellness Services is in room 4231c which means building 4, 2nd floor level, room 31.

Northeast Campus rooms are designated with letters and numbers. The letters stand for the building and the numbers will correspond with the floors. In 2018, the room numbers changed to this system, but you may still see old numbering systems. For example, the new number system looks like this: AB133; AB is the Academic Building, and room 133 starts with a 1 and is therefore on the first floor. 2 means second floor.


West Campus rooms consist of two parts: letters and numbers. The letter(s) tell you the building and the first number indicates the floor the room is located. I-202 would be Information Commons, 2nd floor. 
IC- Information Commons, where the library is located. 
LA- Liberal Arts, lots of classrooms are in this building.
MS- Math & Science has a North and South Bldg but it's not indicated in the room number, ex.: MS 204