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Case studies are usually a type of peer reviewed article (sometimes called scholarly articles), which are found in peer-reviewed journals. TCC Library has both print and online journals. The online journals are in our databases. See this FAQ for more info about what is meant by "peer-reviewed."

To find peer-reviewed case studies through the TCC library on this topic:

  • You can search the Discovery Catalog to find peer-reviewed articles from the library's homepageDiscovery searches a lot of our databases all at once. After doing a search, you can limit to "Peer Reviewed" on the left hand side. Learn more about searching the catalog here.
  • Or, from the library's homepage under "Find," click on Articles & Databases.
    • You can limit by subject, such as to Nursing, Allied Health, & Health Sciences
    • Select an article database such as CINAHL with Full Text - Ebscohost, which allows you to restrict the results to include ONLY peer-reviewed or scholarly articles.
      • Recommendation: In a search, use one of the search bars for the search "case study" (can remove or keep the quotation marks). You can also ask it to search in the title for a "case study" using the options in the drop down (many case studies are labeled as such in the title to differentiate the kind of peer reviewed article they are):
      •  how to search using all 3 bars
    • To restrict your results to only peer-reviewed or scholarly articles, sometimes databases have a checkbox or filter option that allows you to limit to "Scholarly (Peer-reviewed) journals," like the Discovery catalog.
    • Play around with search terms, using synonyms and making use of Boolean phrasing where necessary. See this FAQ for more info. 

You will be prompted to log into MyTCC before accessing the library databases, if you are not already signed in.

If you need more help than what this answer provides, please book a research consultation with a librarian or email one directly, using this list.