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"Empirical research draws from observed or measured phenomena and derives knowledge from actual experimentation or observation. Empirical research articles are considered original, primary research. In these types of articles, readers will generally find the following sections organized by IMRaD format (Introduction, Method, Results, and Discussion)."

This FAQ from CSUSM University Libraries gives a good overview. 

Empirical data would be what the study collected and interpreted in the article. 

Using TCC Library's catalog or databases to find empirical sources, you might try these search tips: 

Determine keywords for your topic. Examples include synonyms, shortenings, etc.

  • BWS
  • "Battered Women's Syndrome" 
  • "intimate partner violence"
  • "domestic violence"

Add a keyword or phrase searching (using quotation marks around a phrase) to your search (so, use the above along with one of the below):

  • experiment
  • "primary research"
  • "empirical study"
  • "empirical research"

Use Boolean phrasing or an advanced search feature in the catalog or database.

  • "empirical study" OR "empirical research" OR "primary research"

One of your final search strings might appear like:

  • (BWS OR "Battered Women's Syndrome") AND ("empirical study" OR "empirical research" OR "primary research")