Answered By Library Staff
Last Updated: Jul 19, 2022     Views: 13

Yes! There are two resources that will help. 

First, The Common Book library guide has resources for students to access. It includes links to the Library's holdings of the book, as well as information about related programming throughout the Tulsa community. 

Second, the Common Book Committee has created a Blackboard site for faculty resources. Here are the steps to find and join the site: 

  1. Sign in to MyTCC.
  2. Go to Blackboard.
  3. Click on "Organizations."
  4. At the top, right hand corner of the page, click on "Organization Catalog." *
  5. Search the catalog for "Common Book."
  6. The site for the current book is titled "Common_Book_2022_24." Hover over the Organization ID until an arrow appears. 
  7. Click the arrow for the drop-down menu, and click "Enroll."

*Note: There is a search bar on the Organization page, but it only searches the sites where you already have membership. In order to find the new site, you must click on the Organization Catalog.