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Answered By Library Staff
Last Updated: Aug 28, 2020     Views: 1564

It depends! 

Things to consider are:

  • Does your use fall under fair use or the TEACH Act
  • Are you planning to record your Zoom session? If so, recording might be making a full copy of the show or film you intend to show.
  • Is the session live/synchronous? Similar to a face-to-face showing? This is recommended. 
  • Will the showing be limited to only your students enrolled in the class? 
  • In order to show the content, are you circumventing digital locks in violation of the DMCA? Many streaming platforms will not function if you try to share your screen without circumvention. You may have to advise your students to rent each movie from the streaming platform or create subscription accounts. While some platforms offer free trials, this may not be an option for every student because they may have used up their trial already or may not have a credit card to create an account. 
  • Are you violating a license agreement in order to share your content? Instead of using a streaming platform, you might try showing the DVD version and sharing your screen. Please see the links for more information on this issue. 

Depending on how you answer these questions, you might need to make adjustments to how you wish to share content to your class.  Please see this link with a breakdown from copyright lawyers on this issue, specifically the section after "Fair Use and The Zoom Question – Can I Stream a Movie [Live] Over Zoom?" 

All streaming videos in TCC Library's media collection are purchased or licensed content, limited to current authorized TCC students, faculty, and staff. While film and television distributors use a variety of hosting systems and platforms to stream their content, please realize that some distributors do not offer their content to these platforms or on platforms libraries can license. Sometimes a license can be sought directly from the copyright holder through copyright clearance/permission. This often still comes with fees. If the distributor provides such a streaming license, the TCC Library could purchase and host the title internally on a case-by-case basis depending on your use. 

All streaming videos in the collection can be used (linked to) in TCC course management sites (Blackboard), syllabi, documents, and other webpages. If you are unable to access a video, request help from Library staff. Please see this FAQ for more details.