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Answered By Library Staff
Last Updated: Jun 11, 2020     Views: 3

Once you have your head wrapped around your topic and decided on the points you're going to make in your paper, use those points to make more targeted database searches.  All of our databases are listed on the A-Z Databases page, linked from the LIbrary's Home Page (Library Home>Articles & Databases); however, they are hyperlinked below for your convenience.

A good place to start for getting background is in a reference database, such as:

You also could use articles from reputable newspapers and news magazines, which are accessible through our general periodical databases, such as:

Most of the articles from those sources will be written at a more casual level, using terminology that non-experts know; they will not assume a lot of prior knowledge on the subject, so they are useful for gaining a basic understanding of a topic - getting your head around it. 

*Once you have some determined the points you want to make in your paper, you can find scholarly articles by filtering your results in the databases listed above marked with an *.