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How long do I need to keep emails? Are emails backed up automatically?


All electronic communication used in the transaction of business at Tulsa Community College may be considered a record.  There are three components of an electronic message that may deem it a record.  These components consist of:

  • Textual messages
  • Metadata (To, From, Subject, Date, Time, etc.)
  • Any attachments connected to an electronic message (such as an email attachment)

The above components combine to determine whether or not an email is a record.  It is important to note that email is considered a record based on its content (like all electronic communications).  In other words, if the content of the email contains information essential to the function of Tulsa Community College, it then becomes a record.  Emails of this type may contain:

  • Policies, guidelines, procedures, directives, etc.
  • Correspondence relating to official business of the College
  • Meeting minutes
  • Documents that authorize or complete a business transaction
  • Admission documentation
  • Student information
  • Employee information
  • Financial information
  • Etc.
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