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Tutoring for Online and Owasso Campus Students
Face-to-face interaction is always best when giving or receiving assistance in writing, but we do understand the difficulties that come with traveling to one of our campuses. Thus, online tutoring can be an effective way to receive feedback, but there is only so much that can be done with an electronic submission. So, if you can come see us, please do!
•    Submit your essays (as a Microsoft Word attachment) to 
We will do our best to respond in 24 hours. Outside of the FACET Center hours of operation and when the college is closed, our services will not be available. We are not a 24-hour availability service.
•    We will use the comment function in Word to provide feedback. You will then be able to see our comments.
•    In order to better assist you with assignments, we need the assignment instructions/requirements. You may send them as an attachment or copy and paste them into the body of the email. 
•    For optimal feedback, we encourage you to ask us about a specific issue or section of your essay. You are not required to submit an entire essay. 
•    Because commenting on essays does take time, we are not always able to address an entire essay. Thus, if you are having trouble with content, development, or organization, we ask that you visit a consultant on campus. 
•    Please feel free to email writing questions or parts of your essay. We also encourage you to visit our writing center website. The writing center has its own link on the library homepage.
•    We do not proofread essays for grammar or punctuation errors. This would be “fixing” the essay for you. 

Not sure what to ask us but know you need help?
Examples (certainly not limited to these)
•    Is my thesis statement clear? How can I make it stronger?
•    What is a topic sentence? How do I create one?
•    I have so much written, so how do I connect my ideas?
•    I need to add more, but I am out of ideas. What should I do?

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